Dear Colleagues,

To all of our VAPT members, I hope everyone’s healthy and you have had the chance to adjust to new schedules and habits. This has been a year for the history books. Let’s keep our spirits up, be helpful to each other, stay in touch with friends (from a distance), and remain positive about the future.

There are many questions that come to mind when it comes to school transportation, how do you social distance on a bus? how do we manage an in-service meeting and what will that look like in the future, we have questions about DMV third-party testing, physicals, and much, much more.

Answers should be coming soon as we plan as a country to go back to work. We will try to keep you updated as we receive information from the State.
In the meantime, many of you are staying busy delivering food and setting up remote sites using Wi-Fi to assist students with continued virtual learning. Try to keep active. The distractions seem to ease some of the tension people are feeling.

In difficult times, the things that make life what it is are still there – they just need a little bit more effort. Our grandparents lived through wars, depression, and sickness. Worse, they didn’t even have Netflix and Amazon Prime. But they prospered. Let’s focus today on preparing for a better future – it is ours to make.

Thank you and stay safe.

Cheryl Fisher, CDPT
VAPT President