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Administrative Code Provisions

4VAC5-36-50 School Buses exemptions from paying certain parking fees.

8VAC20-70-10 Definitions - certain terms used within regulations are defined. Examples include "Color-black", "Color-yellow", "Type A1 and A2," "Type B1 and B2," "Type C," or "Type D," "Nonconforming bus", "School bus", and "Specially equipped bus".

8VAC20-70-20  The greatest care shall be exercised in the transportation of children.

8VAC20-70-30  Safe speed requirements for school buses.

 8VAC20-70-40  Seating – Explains the number of passengers that can safely be seated on bus seats.

8VAC20-70-50  Written employment agreement or driver’s contract requirements.

8VAC20-70-60  Entrance door – driver to maintain control of entrance door

8VAC20-70-70  Traffic warning devices or traffic lights – school bus to be equipped. 

8VAC20-70-80  Loading or discharging pupils requirements. Includes  where stops may or may not made, sight distance and visibility at stops, stop only at designated locations approved by the local school division except in the case of an emergency, use of school bus warning devices to warn approaching traffic to stop and allow pupils to cross the highway safely, students to cross in front of the bus, driver’s use of a hand signal, and provisions for stops on  divided highways and when pupils will be picked up and discharged on the side of the road on which they live.

8VAC20-70-90  Safety belts – restraint requirements for driver.

8VAC20-70-100  Passenger restraint belts or seat belts.

8VAC20-70-110  Pupil rider safety instruction including practice of emergency evacuation drills or fire drills.

8VAC20-70-120  Insurance.

8VAC20-70-130  Maintenance inspection.

8VAC20-70-140  Crash/incident reporting requirements.

8VAC20-70-150  Route schedule.

8VAC20-70-160  Review requirements for school bus routes, school sites, and safety of pupils at designated school bus stops.

8VAC20-70-170  Railway crossings.

8VAC20-70-180  Driver reports on the number of pupils transported and miles traveled.

8VAC20-70-190  Local Policies and collection of fees.

8VAC20-70-200  Identification and lights covering.

8VAC20-70-210 Use of posters, stickers, or advertising material.

8VAC20-70-220 Aisle or Passage restriction.

8VAC20-70-230  Required materials such as triangles, first aid kit, body fluid clean-up kit and fire extinguisher.

8VAC20-70-235 Funding for pupil transportation.

8VAC20-70-280  Requirements for school bus drivers for both employment and continued employment. Includes provisions for physical examination, driving history, character references, and both drug and alcohol testing.

8VAC20-70-290  First aid course

8VAC20-70-300  Required documents and forms.

8VAC20-70-310  Requirements for filing of certain required documents.

8VAC20-70-320  Forms for applicants.

8VAC20-70-330  Health certificate for tuberculosis (TB Test).

8VAC20-70-340  Requirements for driver training and reasonable highway driving experience and testing, supervision during driver training, and instructional or learner’s permit.

8VAC20-70-350  Driver training including classroom, behind-the-wheel, etc.

8VAC20-70-360  In-service training.

8VAC20-70-370  Supervision of drivers.

8VAC20-70-380 Pre-trip safety inspection.

8VAC20-70-400  Evaluation of drivers.

8VAC20-70-410  Requirement to advise passengers of emergency equipment, exits, etc.

8VAC20-70-420  Instructor course certificate.

8VAC20-70-430  Driver data including names and driver license numbers to be reported to DMV.

8VAC20-70-440  Responsibility for compliance with specifications. 

8VAC20-70-450  Minimum standards for school buses and school activity vehicles.

8VAC20-70-460  Specifications and approval, new or changing equipment.

8VAC20-70-470  Specifications and adjustments, study, and pilot program.

8VAC20-70-480  Bus identification including color and equipment.

8VAC20-70-490  Responsibility for purchasing and replacement schedules.

8VAC20-70-500  Provisions for the sale of surplus school buses including requirements to remove certain equipment and repaint.

8VAC20-70-510 Vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

8VAC20-70-525  Regulations and standards for activity buses including certain exceptions.

8VAC20-110-80  .Absence because of school bus not reaching school.

8VAC20-560-10  Reportable incidents including provisions for principal of each public school to collect and maintain information.

19VAC30-70-210  Glass, glazing, stickers, sun screening, and windshields.

19VAC30-70-580  Glass, glazing, stickers, sun screening, and windshields.

24VAC30-120-80  Definitions relating to directional and other official signs and notices for school bus stop shelters.

24VAC30-290-10  Guide for Additions, Abandonments and Discontinuance of school bus roads.

24VAC30-325-10  Eligibility criteria and conditions governing receipt and use of urban maintenance and construction funds related to school bus entrances.


Code of Virginia Provisions

18.2-46.3:3  Enhanced punishment for gang activity taking place in a school zone including on school buses; penalties.

18.2-57  Assault and battery including reasonable and necessary force by school bus drivers.

18.2-60  Threats of death or bodily injury to a person or member of his family; threats to commit serious bodily harm to persons on school property including while riding school bus; penalty.

18.2-128  Trespass upon church or school property including on school bus.

18.2-255.2   Prohibiting the sale or manufacture of drugs on or near certain properties including school buses and bus stops; penalty.

18.2-270.1  Provisions for the use of ignition interlock systems to allow driving to and from work only; but may not operate school bus or school vehicle; penalty.. (1)

18.2-308.1  Possession of firearm, stun weapon, or other weapon on school property including school buses prohibited.

22.1-3.3   Transfer of students under certain circumstances including provision for providing transportation to new school.

22.1-122   Approval and payment of claims; warrants; prohibited acts.

22.1-146   Power of Board to make loans from fund for erection, etc., of school buildings and fueling facilities for school buses.

 22.1-177   Authority for Board to make regulations relating to the construction, design, operation, equipment, and color of public school buses and shall have the authority to issue an order prohibiting the operation on public streets and highways of any public school bus which does not comply with such regulations. Any such order shall be enforced by the Department of State Police.

22.1-178  Employment requirements for school bus drivers. Includes provisions for minimum age, physical examination, driving history, character references, etc.

22.1-181  Training program required for school bus operators.

22.1-183  Identification and lights covering.

22.1-184   School bus emergency evacuation drills or fire drills.


22.1-185   Shelters on bus routes.

22.1-188   Definitions or clarifications regarding school vehicle, school staff, pupils and patrols.  

22.1-221  Transportation of children with disabilities attending public or private special education programs. Includes references to payment in lieu of providing transportation, free transportation, and reimbursement for transportation.

22.1-254  Compulsory attendance required; excuses and waivers; alternative education program; and age and walking distance criteria.

22.1-269.1  Alternative attendance programs.

22.1-274.2   Possession and self-administration of inhaled asthma medications and auto-injectable epinephrine (eppipen) by certain students including references to asthma or anaphylaxis and development of an individualized health care plan, including emergency procedures for any life-threatening conditions.

22.1-277.2:1   Disciplinary authority of school boards under certain circumstances; alternative education program.

22.1-279.3:1   Reportable incidents including provisions for board or principal of each public school to collect, report, and maintain information.

33.1-223.2:18   School bus stops indicators or signs.

46.2-100   Definitions of vehicles including school bus.

46.2-328  DMV to issue licenses; endorsements, classifications, and restrictions authorizing operation of certain vehicles.

46.2-339  Qualifications of school bus driver including examination, experience, instruction or learner’s permit, etc.

46.2-340 Information concerning school bus drivers and driver education instructors. Local division to report names to DMV. DMV to report violations to local division.

46.2-341.14:1. Requirements for third party testers.

46.2-341.14:3. Application for certification as third party testers or third party examiners by DMV.

46.2-341.14:4. Certification as Third Party tester or examiner by DMV.

46.2-341.14:5. Terminating certification of third party tester or examiner.

46.2-341.14:6. Onsite inspections and audits of third party testing by DMV.

46.2-341.14:7. Notification requirements for third party examiners and testers to inform DMV.

46.2-341.14:8. Test administration for third party examiners and testers.

46.2-341.14:10. Waiver of requirement that third party tester applicant employ 75 drivers.

46.2-341.14:9. The CDL skills test certificate issued by third party tester and accepted by DMV.

46.2-694  (Contingent expiration date - see Editor's note) Fees for vehicles designed and used for transportation of passengers; weights used for computing fees; burden of proof.

46.2-844   Passing stopped school buses; penalty; prima facie evidence.

46.2-859  Passing a stopped school bus; reckless driving charge; prima facie evidence.

46.2-871 Maximum speed limit for school buses.

46.2-886  When drivers of certain vehicles to stop, look, and listen at railroad crossings.

46.2-893  School bus stop on highways to discharge cargo or passengers; visibility.

46.2-917.1 School buses hired to transport children. Contract for transportation.

46.2-918 School buses to be routed so as to avoid necessity of pupils' crossing divided highways.

46.2-919   Age limit for drivers of school buses.

46.2-919.1   Use of wireless telecommunications devices such as cellular telephone or texting devices by persons driving school buses.

46.2-921.1  Drivers to yield right-of-way or reduce speed when approaching stationary emergency vehicles on highways.

46.2-1055  Windshield wipers.

46.2-1089  Paint and lettering on school bus.

46.2-1090  Warning devices on school buses; other buses; required use; penalties.

46.2-1090.1 Warning lights on school buses.

46.2-1091  Safety belts or seat belts to be worn by certain bus drivers.

46.2-1105  Width of vehicles generally; exceptions.

46.2-1572   Operation of dealership by manufacturer.

46.2-341.14:2. Requirements for third party examiners.

46.2-1573.10  Ownership of service facilities.

46.2-1700   Definitions including driver training school and instructor.

22.1-253.13:4   Standard 4. Student achievement and graduation requirements; right to a free public education.

22.1-254  Compulsory attendance required; excuses and waivers; alternative education program attendance; exemptions from article.

63.2-1715  Exemptions from licensure, compulsory attendance.